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Essay on tiger sharks

1. In California, USA, angel sharks are often tagged with sonic transmitters so that their movements can be plotted by scientists.

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The first two rows are used in obtaining prey, the other rows rotate into place as they are needed. As teeth are lost, broken, or worn down, they are replaced by new teeth that slide into place.

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Some of sharks' behavior is interesting and understood. Other behaviors are still mysterious. For example, sharks attack when they are hungry. But why they attack when they are not hungry, we do not know. They may attack for defense, because they think humans are food, because they smell blood or because they smell or sense chemicals that are interesting to them. While people may think that all sharks are dangerous, only about 30 species are considered dangerous, including the Tiger Shark. Even when sharks do attack, the victims usually do not die anyway.

When we hear or see the words coral reefs and sharks, we get an idea that it has everything to do with our coral reef and sharks... What is a shark? ... What causes shark extinction? ... Human beings are the main predators for sharks and the main cause for sharks' extinction... We all have learned that the reason behind shark finning is used to create medicine and shark fin soup (yuck)...

This shark is one of the largest that inhabit the oceans only smaller than the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) , the basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) and the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) . It reaches a maximum length of meters but on average measures between 3 and meters long while its weight ranges between 385 and 635 kilograms.

No matter their size, all sharks have similar anatomy. Like other elasmobranchs (a subclass of animals that also includes rays and skates), sharks have skeletons made of cartilage—the hard but flexible material that makes up human noses and ears. This is a defining feature of elasmobranchs, as most fish have skeletons made of bone. Cartilage is much lighter than bone, which allows sharks to stay afloat and swim long distances while using less energy. 

They are solitary animals except during mating. They are ovoviviparous and their young are born after a gestation period of nine months. They are born live in litters of 10-82 pups. The newborn sharks are 20-30 inches long and completely independent. Tiger sharks migrate seasonally up to 1550 miles. A Tiger shark?s life span is unknown but it is thought to be about 30 years.

Currently, the Tiger Shark is considered near threatened due to its hunting by humans. They’ve also been recently put on the Marine red list, which makes it illegal to fish or hunt Tiger Sharks across the world.

Free Essay: Generally, tiger sharks are sluggish, but they can move quickly when feeding, and should be treated carefully on the rare occasions they are...

Essay on tiger sharks

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essay on tiger sharks
essay on tiger sharks

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