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Coursework marking service

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This publication is available at https:///government/publications/gcse-and-a-level-exams-how-marking-and-grading-works/marking-and-grading-in-gcse-and-a-level-exams

As with all coursework, you will be required to fill in a sheet stating what help you received. The information in this section is merely a description of the marking scheme, and as such does not need to be included. However, if you use any of the rest of this book, you will need to acknowledge it as you would do with other textbook (see How do I cite a Wikibooks module in a paper ).

The Coursework module manages blind, double-marking; marking workflows and allocation; automatic agreement of grades; and controls what feedback and grade information is shown to the student once their grade has been released.

The CII is committed to creating and maintaining conditions which give access to its education and assessment provision regardless of age, disability, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or transgender to allow candidates to maximise their potential to the best of their abilities.

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As well as the above criteria, we also have to look at the quality of your written work. There are marks available for the clarity of your written work and you MUST check your spelling, punctuation and grammar carefully! If you find this difficult then try and make use of a spell check function on a computer, and read through your work very carefully before handing it in.

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Your school or college will give you a deadline for submitting your work to them. The deadlines for teachers and exams officers to forward your work to us are shown on the deadlines page.

The Edexcel International GCSE in English Language A specification allows for the possibility of both written and oral coursework, and also has a 100% examination option. Covering a broad range of reading and writing, it’s designed as a two-year course for teaching in international schools and colleges and UK independent schools.

We’ll let you know on the centre feedback form issued with results if there any issues were found during the moderation of your students' work. This includes:

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 · [This page is of historical use only now, as the GCSE Science has changed - it no longer uses the POAE criteria.] The coursework marking is the same for ...

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Coursework marking service

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coursework marking service
coursework marking service

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