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Housing bubble literature review

The most significant economic event in 1990s was the Financial Crisis in East Asian, which also affected the world economy in the next few decades. People probably question the specificity of the East Asian Crisis. Radelet and Sachs () gave a response to this question: 'The East Asian financial crisis is remarkable in several ways. The crisis has hit the most rapidly growing economies in the world. It has prompted the largest financial bailouts in history. It is the sharpest financial crisis to hit the developing world since the 1982 debt crisis. It is the least anticipated financial crisis in years.'

UK housing bubble case study analysis: The ‘behaviour’ of UK housing bubbles and the affordability parameter. Charalambos Pitros School of the Built Environment,

As housing prices fell, global investor demand for mortgage-related securities evaporated. This became apparent by July 2007, when investment bank Bear Stearns announced that two of its hedge funds had imploded. These funds had invested in securities that derived their value from mortgages. When the value of these securities dropped, investors demanded that these hedge funds provide additional collateral. This created a cascade of selling in these securities, which lowered their value further. Economist Mark Zandi wrote that this 2007 event was "arguably the proximate catalyst" for the financial market disruption that followed. [4]

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Housing bubble literature review

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The housing bubble and the GDP: a correlation perspective

Modeling the U.S. housing bubble: an econometric analysis

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housing bubble literature review
housing bubble literature review

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