European Academic Tax Thesis Award - European Commission, European academic tax thesis award 2014

European academic tax thesis award 2014

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'This book is the first of its kind not only to evaluate the Directive's efficacy in detail, but also to offer real solutions,' said David Bartolone, Managing Director of Kluwer Law International. 'This work is sure to play an important role in ongoing amendments and jurisprudence on the Merger Directive, and we congratulate Mr. Boulogne on this well deserved honor.'

Theses to be considered for the award are academic works on issues of comparative, European and/or International Tax Law. Any author younger than 35 may apply. The full text of the thesis should be attached to the application; in addition, a summary should be submitted in English.

In the context of the ‘International School for Indirect Taxation,’ a bi-annual programme is run, which can lead to an ‘Expert in European VAT’ degree after completing 204 course hours and passing the necessary exams.

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Christiana speaks regularly at tax conferences and teaches abroad. She has lectured at New York University, the University of Cambridge, Boston College, the University of Lausanne, the Chartered Institute of Taxation, the European Commission, the Academy of European Law, the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, the University of Lisbon, the University of Amsterdam and various other universities. She has also designed and conducted workshops on International and EU tax law for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the UK Treasury and various south European organizations and accounting firms.

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Under the Eucotax Wintercourse students from different countries prepare their theses on one of six subtopics falling within the main theme of a given Wintercourse edition, focusing on the tax system in their home country. The theses written by the students constitute a basis for the formulation of comparative conclusions during workshops which are the most important element of a Eucotax Wintercourse seminar.

For more information please contact press officer Annemeike Tan of Tilburg University. E- mail: @ . Tel. 013-4662596 of 013-4664000.

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Academic journals are peer-reviewed periodicals that publish research papers . [1] A variety of academic journals publish accounting and auditing research. [2]

European academic tax thesis award 2014

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european academic tax thesis award 2014
european academic tax thesis award 2014

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