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Aarp grandparent essay examples

Autumns essay was. The first reason that my mammaw should win the AARP Grandparent of the Year award is because she takes care of me when Cover letter asking for recommendation get hurt. Whitley Area students were among thousands of Kentucky fifth-graders who participated in the 15th Annual competition.

The essay competition is a unique was AARP Kentucky and KRTA recognizes the significant contributions that older Kentuckians make toward shaping the lives and values of youth across the Commonwealth. Across the country and in Kentucky, an increasing number of adults 50 and over are the primary caregivers to minor children.  The 200 census data showed nearly 36,000 grandparents in Kentucky serve as primary caregivers for their grandchildren.

A student who has ties to both Olmstead Elementary School and Russellville Junior High School was selected County Winner in the 2016 Grandparent of the Year essay contest sponsored by AARP Kentucky and the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association (KRTA).

As the county winner, Rayna receives a framed certificate for her efforts, and the essay was submitted for district competition. She and other district winners then become eligible to participate in the state finals.  In a recognition ceremony the "Grandparent of the Year" and student are honored at the Annual KRTA Convention in Louisville in April 22, 2014.  The state winner also receives a $100 saving bond. 

The local winners are: Bella Maxwell, Madison Elementary, first place; Nickolas Litterick, Howard Elementary, second place; and Olivia Flemming, St. Thomas, third place.

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Angel WynnBlack MountainElem2104 Grandparent Essay Award Tuesday, Angel Wynn received top honors in the 2014 Grandparent of the Year essay contest sponsored by Kentucky Retired Teachers Association (KRTA) and AARP Kentucky.

Thousands of Kentucky fifth-graders participated in the 17th annual Essay competition for 2017-2018. Students submitted essays answering "Why My Grandparent should be the AARP Grandparent of the Year" to their fifth-grade teachers who selected the school winners.

This is the 8th year AARP South Dakota has supported the contest which is entirely organized by SDRTA. This year 16 SDRTA units participated. McCready’s essay was chosen from 1463 essays submitted by 56 participating schools statewide.

About the AARP/SDRSP GRANDPARENT ESSAY contest: Since 2003, AARP South Dakota and the-then South Dakota Retired Teachers Association have co …

Ethan Kidd, son of George and Marsha Kidd, won for participation in the 2014-2015 “Why my Grandparent should be the AARP Kentucky Grandparent of the Year” Essay Contest sponsored by AARP Kentucky and Kentucky Retired Teachers Association. Not only did Ethan win at his school level at South Magoffin Elementary, he also won first place overall in Magoffin County and third place in the regional competition. 
Ethan was awarded fifty dollars as a county winner and twenty five dollars as a third place regional winner.
Ethan is seen here with Joyce Joseph, Jennifer Minix, and Principal Mark Rice.

Aubrey Floyd, a fifth-grade student from Calhoun Elementary, was McLean County's winner in the 2017-18 Grandparent of the Year essay contest, sponsored by AARP and Kentucky Retired Teachers Association.

Aarp grandparent essay examples

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aarp grandparent essay examples
aarp grandparent essay examples

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