The History And Evolution Of Saarc Politics Essay, Essay on saarc in hindi

Essay on saarc in hindi

But, it also showed commitment to non­interference in internal affairs and respect for the sovereignty, equality and territorial integrity of member states. It emphasised that decision must be taken on the basis of consensus leaving aside bilateral or contentious issues.

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India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan all said they would pull out of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) meeting following a collapse in relations between Pakistan and India, the subcontinent’s nuclear-armed rivals.

It is an Association based on the consciousness that in an increasingly interdependent world, the objectives of peace, freedom, social justice and economic prosperity are best achieved in the South Asian region by fostering mutual understanding, good neighbourly relations and meaningful cooperation among the Member States which are bound by ties of history and culture

The idea of co-operation in South Asia was discussed in at least three conferences: the Asian Relations Conference held in New Delhi on April 1947; the Baguio Conference in the Philippines on May 1950; and the Colombo Powers Conference held in Sri Lanka in April 1954. [7]

During the last few years, India has become more and more aware of the problem of population explosion . Thanks to the Government’s progressive policy, the Planning Commission’s careful analyses and the contributions made by various experts, the people – particularly the Middle Classes – have awakened to the implications of a large family in the context of a fixed salary’.

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It is being said that SAARC has become a merely a symbolic regional forum with little prospect of strengthening regional cooperation. It is also true that even after 30 years of its establishment, South Asia remains one of the worst economically integrated regions of the world.

The treaty allows for the free movement of people and goods between the two nations and a close relationship and collaboration on matters of defence and foreign affairs. While India values the treaty as deflecting the influence of its regional competitor, the People's Republic of China, the treaty has been unpopular in many segments of Nepal, which often regards it as a breach of its sovereignty.

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The term Hindī originally was used to refer to inhabitants of the region east of the Indus . It was borrowed from Classical Persian Hindī (Iranian Persian Hendi ), meaning "Indian", from the proper noun Hind "India". [18]

The third summit was held in Kathmandu , Nepal from 2–4 November 1987, and was attended by the presidents of Bangladesh, the Maldives and Sri Lanka, the prime ministers of India and Pakistan, and the kings of Bhutan and Nepal. [2] The foreign ministers of the member states signed the SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of Terrorism and an agreement to establish a South Asian Food Reserve. [2]

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3) Critically discuss the efforts made by SAARC countries to forge  a strong social and economic integration between their people and the challenges they are facing in this pursuit. (200 Words)

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Essay on saarc in hindi

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essay on saarc in hindi
essay on saarc in hindi

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