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In the play “An Inspector Calls” by J B Priestley, the characters of Sheila and Eric are used to represent the younger generation in Edwardian England, a time when traditional Victorian values were beginning to become obsolete. Priestley uses...

The older and the younger Birling generation- represented by Arthur, Sybil and Eric, Sheila respectively- have a marked difference in their attitude towards social and personal responsibility. Though all the family members initially claim to have no knowledge of the woman Inspector Goole comes to investigate about, with time Sheila and Eric accept their responsibility and role in causing Eva’s downfall. On the other hand, Arthur and Sybil are shown as inconsiderate, unable to confront the truth.  Priestly critiques and targets the menaces of capitalism, class-divisions and pseudo beliefs of the middle classes through the older generation in the play.

Priestley writes his didactic play in 1944/45 when the war was coming to an inevitable end. As he sets his play in 1912, he adds to the realism as he had first hand experience of the brutality of the war. This was also when the social divide of the two classes was at its peak. The purpose of this play is for Priestley to attack his contemporary audience on the harsh facts of responsibility. Priestley wrote his play in a social background which had a wide divide in classes. His social and moral views were greatly influenced by his father who believed that helping the poor wasn't an act of duty but a 'moral way of life.'

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It was only better for the upper class, the nobles and the factory workers. ‘You ought to like this port, Gerald. As a matter of fact, Finchey told me this is the port your father buys’. This shows us the family is high in society as in 1912, port was only available to those who had money to buy it, also it shows that Mr Birling is trying to flatter Gerald as he feels inferior Priestley uses the Birlings’ to show us that even if you’re rich you can still be wrong. Priestley is saying that people in society wasn’t always aware of the whole picture, normally the upper class.

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The Inspector makes the characters own up to their actions and reveal what he already seems to know, for example, towards the conclusion of the first act, when Gerald talks to Sheila about the time he spent with Daisy Renton last summer. He knows by now that Gerald has somewhat to establish and it's just a matter of time before everything should unravel: The door opens and the Inspector walks in the room constantly in mind of questioning them. Inspector - Well?

 · An Inspector Calls study guide contains a biography of . Priestley, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and ...

This question asks you to focus on two characters and how their political and social views differ. Use a lot of quotations from the play to develop an understanding of the different standpoints of each character. Consider what each one seems to believe about the role of an individual in society, and use the theme of responsibility as a major guide. It might also be helpful to consider a few similarities.

An inspector called “Goole ” calls in the middle of the celebration and explains that he is investigating a suicide of a young working class woman. He interrogates each person in the birling household until they admit they had in someway being in contact with the young woman before she committed suicide. By doing this Priestley is giving society the message that anyone can do something that could lead to something serious as what happens in this story. The play starts with Mr Birling talking about society shouldn’t look after each other. Everyone should look out for himself or herself.

“He inspected us all right…” Write an essay examining how one character is affected by the Inspectors visit. The play “An Inspector Calls” was written in 1946 the playwright of this play was Priestley, he had survived both world wars. He was a firm believer in socialism and capitalism. This play deals with the death… View Article

An inspector calls essay question

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an inspector calls essay question
an inspector calls essay question

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