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The great gatsby book review essay

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The car driven by Tom and carrying Nick and Jordan, a few miles behind Gatsby and Daisy, stops at the scene of the accident, where Tom and the others learn what has happened. The upset Tom then drives home, he and Jordan going into the house to see Daisy and Nick encountering Gatsby, who says that at the time of the accident Daisy was driving in an attempt to calm herself, but that he intends to confess. The next day, however, Gatsby is shot by Wilson's grief-stricken husband, who traced him through his unique car and who, after killing Gatsby, kills himself.

A seventeen-year-old aristocrat falls in love with a kind but poor artist aboard the luxurious, ill-fated . Titanic.

A fan of the Redford/Farrow version, I was prepared to be disappointed. And I was wrong. It may be a bit too much of a wild ride visually. But it gave me a new way of looking at a familiar figure. And there's something pretty great about that.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940) was an author who wrote during the Jazz Age, a term he coined himself. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. He finished four novels: This Side of Paradise , The Beautiful and Damned , Tender Is the Night , and his most famous, The Great Gatsby .

By mid-1923, Fitzgerald had written 18,000 words for his novel [28] but discarded most of his new story as a false start, some of which resurfaced in the 1924 short story "Absolution". [5] [29]

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Nick stages a small funeral for Gatsby, ends his relationship with Jordan, and moves back to the Midwest to escape the disgust he feels for the people surrounding Gatsby’s life and for the emptiness and moral decay of life among the wealthy on the East Coast. Nick reflects that just as Gatsby’s dream of Daisy was corrupted by money and dishonesty, the American dream of happiness and individualism has disintegrated into the mere pursuit of wealth. Though Gatsby’s power to transform his dreams into reality is what makes him “great,” Nick reflects that the era of dreaming—both Gatsby’s dream and the American dream—is over.

Jay Gatsby’s night parties were held with one and one reason only: to attract Daisy, who lived just across the bay, in the more fashionable East Egg. From the lawn of his incredible mansion, Gatsby could see her house just across the bay. A green light could be seen shining at night, which later becomes a symbol of the “future that year by year recedes before us.”

Religious groups also objected to the booze and partying that occurred during the Roaring '20s, which Fitzgerald described in detail in the novel. The novel also portrayed the American dream in a negative light in that it showed that even if you attain wealth and fame, it doesn't lead to happiness.

The next day, Gatsby hears the phone ringing and thinks it's Daisy. Before he can answer it, he is shot and killed by George, who then kills himself. Nick is the only person other than reporters to attend Gatsby's funeral, as Daisy and Tom are leaving New York. The media paints Gatsby as Myrtle's lover and killer. Disgusted with both the city and its inhabitants, Nick leaves after taking a final walk through Gatsby's deserted mansion and reflecting on Gatsby's ability to hope. In the sanatorium, Nick finishes typing his memoir, titling it The Great Gatsby .

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The great gatsby book review essay

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the great gatsby book review essay
the great gatsby book review essay

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