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Is lying sometimes ok essay

I bought a book and devoured it (I'm looking for it now) on why people lie, the nature of lying and all that. And the book finally woke me up to a glaring fact, and one that I was trying to ignore:

Consider the case of Rehab the harlot (Joshua 2:4-6). Rahab was convinced that God was with the children of Israel, so she hid their spies in her house when they were being pursued by their enemies. When the soldiers questioned Rahab about the whereabouts of the spies, she said "they went that way", thus leading them in the wrong direction. A blatant lie to save the spies' lives.

Levine and her co-author, Wharton professor Maurice Schweitzer, dig into these issues by showing that lies come in many flavors: well-intentioned lies are considered moral, while selfish or meaningless lies are considered immoral.

When people ask, “Who do you like?” I have to pick a random guy and pretend like I actually like him. Sometimes I have to agree on the “cuteness” of the guys my friends like, even though I don’t find guys attractive. There was one time I picked this guy I didn’t even know at all and I told my friends I had a big crush on him. They wouldn’t stop bothering me about me “liking” him. It didn’t feel right to lie, but it kept them from questioning my sexuality.

For example, if you're reading this from a dungeon where a psychotic dictator has imprisoned you for singing his praises too feebly, tell any lie necessary to get the hell out of there. Lies create distance and destroy connections, and that's just what you want in such a sick situation. But if you're hiding bad behavior -- say, lying to your loving spouse about your night job cooking methamphetamine -- beware. After decades of coaching and weeks of binge-watching "Breaking Bad," I know that meth fumes can be ventilated, but lies will destroy your life.

Leonard Saxe, ., a polygraph expert and professor of psychology at Brandeis University, says, "Lying has long been a part of everyday life. We couldn't get through the day without being deceptive." Yet until recently lying was almost entirely ignored by psychologists, leaving serious discussion of the topic in the hands of ethicists and theologians. Freud wrote next to nothing about deception; even the 1500-page Encyclopedia of Psychology , published in 1984, mentions lies only in a brief entry on detecting them. But as psychologists delve deeper into the details of deception, they're finding that lying is a surprisingly common and complex phenomenon.

But absolutes rarely hold up in life. Even lying has its place in our society. There are certain situations in which it can actually be better to lie than to tell the truth.

Lying is bad and should be avoided. This is because lies obscure the truth and without a clear grasp of the truth it is difficult to behave justly. In a perfect world no would ever lie.

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Yet Harris, doe-eyed and staring straight into the camera, tells us he recalls lying to his five-year-old daughter “only once”:

It is morally acceptable to lie when a falsehood protects someone from physical or emotional harm. Moreover, little white lies are socially accepted when they do no harm. For instance, telling a child that their drawing is nice or that their story is clever, or telling new parents that their baby is the cutest ever are both examples of this.

Is lying sometimes ok essay

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Most Americans Say Lying Sometimes Is OK, Says Poll.

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is lying sometimes ok essay
is lying sometimes ok essay

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