The 90/90/90 Schools: A Case Study, 90/90/90 case study

90/90/90 case study

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Targeted Testing and Linkage for Key Populations: Innovative Staffing and Peer Navigator Approaches | Andrew Lambert | TB/HIV Care Association

Our award-winning series of booklets, with each title providing a comprehensive overview of one aspect of living with HIV.

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The transformation to value-based health care is well under way. Some organizations, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Germany’s Schön Klinik, have undertaken large-scale changes involving multiple components of the value agenda. The result has been striking improvements in outcomes and efficiency, and growth in market share.

Adding operations on Saturday will improved the utilization rate of beds from % to %. It is still sufficient; however, we might risk the service quality and will decrease the flexibility of their operations against unforeseen events.

90/90/90 Phenomenon ... This article presents a case study of one high performing high poverty campus ... sustaining the 90/90/90 achievement level for four ...

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I’ve put this first because it is by far the most important. On my first attempt at the PTE, I thought I could just talk about a graph for 40 seconds with no problems, and I was very wrong. The graphs and diagrams in the “describe image” task can be highly complex, and I found myself not knowing where to look for information or what to say. I couldn’t even fill up the full 40 seconds because I didn’t know what points to focus on!

Botswana, a resource-constrained setting with high HIV prevalence, has achieved very high rates of HIV testing and treatment coverage. Rates of knowledge of HIV status, ART initiation, and virologic suppression are close to the UNADS 90-90-90 targets, at 82%, 86%, and 95%, respectively. Overall, 67% of HIV-infected persons had HIV-1 RNA<400 copies/mL, approaching the UNAIDS target of 73%.

Reeves defines 90/90/90 schools as those in which:

  • More than 90 percent of the students are eligible for free and reduced lunch, a commonly used surrogate for low-income families

  • More than 90 percent of the students are from ethnic minorities

  • More than 90 percent of the students met or achieved high academic standards, according to independently conducted tests of academic achievement

90/90/90 case study

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90/90/90 Schools Revisited (Edweek) - Education Week

Beating the Odds: Exploring the 90/90/90 Phenomenon

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90/90/90 case study
90/90/90 case study

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