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Case study london eye

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Through a comprehensive programme of training and education, help and support, trainees can go on to enjoy successful careers as ophthalmologists.  

But we didn’t win the competition. Nobody did – the judges didn’t think any of the ideas were good enough. We were narked. We had a great idea and no one was going to see it. So we said: “Let’s just do it.” We put in a planning application, but it wasn’t just the council we had to convince. We had to meet with County Hall, the Southbank Centre, the Arts Council, the Port Authority, every organisation in London to do with the river and the environment, plus all 32 boroughs and the City of London!

This close-up reveals the truly natural rejuvenating results that the Bleph21 can achieve. A surgical eyelid lift fails to address many of the ageing concerns that affect the eye – hollowing at the temples, a loss of volume in the cheek area and the marked ridge between the cheek and eyelid area called the tear trough. The Bleph21, using the FAMI stem cell transfer technique, tackles all these concerns in one procedure.

But the key to turning this operation into a success wasn’t just in the lift itself. Long before the wheel was raised, a plan was born that would drastically shorten the entire construction schedule. Because Mammoet had found a way to erect the entire wheel from a horizontal to a vertical position, various parts of the London Eye could be constructed simultaneously in several locations.

From marketing in Mandarin, to technical documents in Turkish, we get the job done quickly, accurately combining linguistic excellence, technology and project management

I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my eye surgery. Mrs Shah-Desai did a brilliant job in correcting my ‘droopy eye’.  I was a little apprehensive […]

Case study london eye

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Case Studies - Thyoid Eye Disease, Blepharoplasty.

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case study london eye
case study london eye

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