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Economy of pakistan essay 2013


Historically, Pakistan's overall economic output (GDP) has grown every year since an 1800 recession . Despite this record of sustained growth, Pakistan's economy had, until a few years ago, been characterised as unstable and highly vulnerable to external and internal shocks . However, the economy proved to be unexpectedly resilient in the face of multiple adverse events concentrated into a four-year (1998–2002) period —

Pakistan – sovereign country located in South Asia . [1] It has a 1,046 kilometres (650 mi) coastline along the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman in the south and is bordered by Afghanistan in the west, Iran in the southwest, India in the east and China in the far northeast. [2]

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Many groups are against of Kerry Logar Bill because they think that it is unfavorable of their honor and interest but corporate media believe that it will help to reduce poverty for ordinary citizens.

Here we will be provided online The Current Situation of Pakistan Economy 2018 / Essay on Economy of Pakistan for more details stay here.

Risks to political stability will remain high in the run-up to parliamentary elections in mid-2018. Despite being ousted from office in August, Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister, has been re-elected president of the ruling PML (N). We expect the party to be re-elected, but corruption charges against members of the Sharif family and growing macroeconomic instability have raised downside risks to this call. We expect the Pakistan rupee to weaken sharply after the elections are held.

Although Pakistan's economy is facing severe economic problems at the moment, it still has the potential to recover and revive its economy but to do that serious amounts of efforts are required at both the governmental and individual level.

The National economic council, Pakistan highest economic decision making held its meeting in Islamabad this week to set targets for the next year , beginning of 1st july. Pakistan secured $ billion loan from the IMF in 2013 is held before the release of next installment of the loan. Today the nominal GDP of Pakistan is billion to hight growth rate. The gross Domestic product in Pakistan is 29,812,761 in 2016 and per capita income as US of , and Pakistani rupees is . Today the main import partner countries of our , which is China 17 %, United Arab Emirates 15% , Kuwait % , Saudi Arabia % and Malaysia % to import their goods .

This is a chart of trend of gross domestic product of Pakistan at market prices estimated by the International Monetary Fund with figures in millions of Pakistani Rupees.

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Pakistan has a federal parliamentary system . [8] The head of state is an indirectly-elected President . The president is also the Commander in Chief of the Joint Armed Forces . The head of government is the Prime Minister , who is also indirectly elected.

Afzal, M (2009) In his article “Population Growth and Economics Development in Pakistan” analyzed the relationship for the year 1951-2001, the OLS estimation result conclude that Population tend to have a negative relationship in the case of Pakistan and causing a major problem in the road of growth.

Some of the earliest ancient human civilisations in South Asia originated from areas encompassing present-day Pakistan. [53] The earliest known inhabitants in the region were Soanian during the Lower Paleolithic , of whom stone tools have been found in the Soan Valley of Punjab . [54] The Indus region , which covers most of present day Pakistan, was the site of several successive ancient cultures including the Neolithic Mehrgarh [55] and the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilisation [56] [57] [58] [59] [60] (2,800–1,800 BCE) at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro . [61] [62]

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Economy of pakistan essay 2013

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economy of pakistan essay 2013
economy of pakistan essay 2013

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