Buell Dissertation Colloquium -, Buell dissertation colloquium 2015

Buell dissertation colloquium 2015

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"Sigfried Giedion and the Confusion and Boredom of the International Style: Death or Metamorphosis? New York, 1961"

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Michael Abrahamson , University of Michigan
Molly Briggs , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Azra Dawood , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrea Merrett , Columbia University
Bryan Norwood , Harvard University
Christian Parreno , Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Alexandra Quantrill , Columbia University
Katie Singer , Rutgers University-Newark
Joseph Watson , University of Pennsylvania

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Christian Parreno , Oslo School of Architecture and Design
"Sigfried Giedion and the Confusion and Boredom of the International Style: Death or Metamorphosis? New York, 1961"

Buell dissertation colloquium 2015

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Buell Dissertation Colloquium 2013

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buell dissertation colloquium 2015
buell dissertation colloquium 2015

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