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Ma creative writing birmingham university

Students will be placed in supportive tutor-groups of fellow writers, and surrounded with the framework and expertise needed to develop their writing in ambitious and rewarding ways. This will involve extensive peer review discussion of fellow students’ work.

An MA in creative writing is one possibility, and it can provide structure and community, as well as direction. Someone was singing the praises of such courses in the Guardian only this morning: ‘Will a master’s in creative writing get you a book deal?’  – a variation on a familiar theme of discussing whether writing can be taught.

Tiffin University, established in 1888 and located in northern Ohio, has an enrollment of approximately 4,300. Undergraduate programs are divided into three colleges – Arts and Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice and Social Sciences; Tiffin’s graduate school offers master’s degrees in business (with numerous MBA concentrations), education, the humanities, criminal justice, and psychology, among others. Distinguished alumni have gone on to careers in professional sports, business, politics, and the arts. In addition to accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, Tiffin holds three specialized accreditations.

Department of English | University of Toronto, St. George Campus | 170 St. George Street | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | M5R 2M8
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12 months full-time; 24-36 months part-time. The academic year (September to September) is divided into three semesters: September to January; January to June; June to September.

The chance to have a novel-length manuscript read and challenged by leading published writers is what attracted me to this MA course. The focus is on writing your own novel and giving you the tools to do that - rather than getting bogged down in literary criticism. I'd thoroughly recommend it.

Evidence of your writing ability is required. A sample of no more than ten pages of original writing must be submitted with all applications.

 · UEA pioneered the teaching of Creative Writing in the UK. We established the first MA in Creative Writing in 1970 and the first PhD in Creative and ...

You are taught exclusively by members of the permanent creative writing team, all of whom are practising, award-winning writers: Patricia Debney, David Flusfeder, David Herd, Nancy Gaffield, Dragan Todorovic, Alex Preston, Amy Sackville, Simon Smith and Scarlett Thomas. (See staff research interests for further details.)

The Creative Writing master's course will appeal to writers who wish to try out a number of areas before deciding which they are best at or those who already know their strongest form, but feel the need to gain expertise in other fields to fund their speciality.

In this pathway, you will work on a year long project of your choice. You will need to outline your proposed project (a collection of short stories, poems, a script, extracts from a longer fiction, creative non-fiction or life writing piece) briefly in your application. Teaching is based on the workshop model and visits from writers, editors and agents provide an important component of campus study. All students give a reading from work in progress at our annual MA Showcase - previous events have been held in partnership with Lancaster LitFest and the Dukes theatre.

On the MA Creative Writing & Publishing you typically have around 17-18 contact hours per study block, typically consisting of:

Working with tutors and other writers on the course, you’ll develop your writing and build up a substantial body of work. Weekly workshops are taught by a strong team of published writers, and there are regular visits by literary agents, publishers, magazine editors and broadcasters, as well as other writers.

Situated in Norwich, England’s first UNESCO City of Literature, each of our courses offers an opportunity to develop as a writer in a vibrant and supportive environment. Our students join us from all over the world, and the success of our graduates is unrivalled. 

Please use the  Online Application Form   to apply. Once you register, you can search for the course to which you wish to apply and upload the required supporting documents towards the end of this process.

Many benefits might be available through one of these programs. The most prominent is the chance to improve your writing abilities and sharpen certain technical skills that are useful in the professional world. Additionally, this kind of program can provide valuable insights into what makes certain types of writing more effective than others.

Optional modules
Optional modules, when offered as part of a programme, may vary from year to year and are subject to viability.

The MA in Creative Writing is a challenging course, both intellectually and imaginatively. You will be able to develop your writing skills in a supportive and stimulating environment, taught by experienced and professional writers.

From time to time UCD would like to send you further information that we feel, based on your enquiry, would be of interest to you.

If you’ve successfully completed some relevant postgraduate study elsewhere, you might be able to count it towards this qualification, reducing the number of modules you need to study. You should apply for credit transfer as soon as possible, before you register for your first module. For more details and an application form, visit our Credit Transfer  website.

Generally the MA classes contain a good mix of younger writers and more mature students, which always makes for an interesting classroom environment.  We offer evening writing workshops as well as the option of undertaking the course part-time, for those with additional commitments.

Drawing on our pool of talented, published writers and academics, you accumulate credit towards your chosen award at your own pace. This highly successful course also offers the chance to learn how to teach creative writing in schools or in the may also be interested in our MA Creative Writing (Distance Learning)

Find out more about our global network and partnerships, which allow us to offer an international curriculum that ensures an exciting and holistic education experience.

You will begin straight away to experience the benefits of the regular workshops that form an integral part of the programme. You will discuss the work of others on the MA as well as learning from their discussion of your work. You will also receive tutor feedback.

Ma creative writing birmingham university

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ma creative writing birmingham university
ma creative writing birmingham university

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