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Problem solving situations

Here is a five-stage model that most students can easily memorize and put into action and which has direct applications to many areas of the curriculum as well as everyday life:

problem-solving — ˈproblem ˌsolving noun [uncountable] the activity of finding answers to problems: • The course aims to help you improve your business problem solving skills. * * * problem solving UK US noun [U] HR, MANAGEMENT ► the process of finding solutions… …   Financial and business terms

 · Learn how to use more than 25 different problem solving techniques to solve simple and complex problems.

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The Art of Problem Solving texts have been used by tens of thousands of outstanding students, including many winners of major national contests such as MATHCOUNTS and the American Mathematics Competitions.

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A large cosmetics company had a problem that some of the soap boxes coming off the production lines were empty. The problem was quickly isolated to the assembly line, which transported the packaged boxes of soap to the delivery department: some soap boxes went through the assembly line empty.

Diagnose the situation so that your focus is on the problem, not just its symptoms. Helpful techniques at this stage include using flowcharts to identify the expected steps of a process and cause-and-effect diagrams to define and analyze root causes.

This article, written for primary teachers, discusses what we mean by 'problem-solving skills' and draws attention to NRICH tasks which can help develop specific skills.

Research has shown that, in general terms, each side or hemisphere of the brain is specialised to serve one of these groups of skills. The degree of specialisation of each hemisphere varies from person to person, but it has given rise to the terms right-brain thinking and left-brain thinking. Left-brain thinking is more logical and analytical, and is predominantly verbal. Right-brain thinking is more holistic and is concerned with feelings and impressionistic relationships.

Either the program will return a value, or throw an exception. A program that does not terminate runs indefinitely, typically because it's gotten stuck in a loop.

Problem solving is used when products or processes fail, so corrective action can be taken to prevent further failures . It can also be applied to a product or process prior to an actual fail event, ., when a potential problem can be predicted and analyzed, and mitigation applied so the problem never actually occurs. Techniques such as Failure Mode Effects Analysis can be used to proactively reduce the likelihood of problems occurring.

Using KT critical thinking process a GAF facility identified key process variables and implemented systems that determine root cause faster and more effectively.   

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Problem solving situations

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problem solving situations
problem solving situations

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