25 Contoh Soal Passive Voice Lengkap dengan Jawaban | Cara., Soal passive voice sma essay

Soal passive voice sma essay

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Javascript  pada  browser  perlu diaktifkan untuk menampilkan  quiz  ini. Jika quiz tidak berjalan, kamu dapat mengunjungi Soal dan Jawaban Passive Voice – Simple Present Tense (printable version) .

a. The victory will have been being celebrated by the team next week.
b. The victory will be celebrated by the team next week.

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Soal dan jawaban di bawah ini merupakan printable version dari soal passive voice  dengan javascript  yang mungkin sulit dijalankan oleh beberapa perangkat atau browser .

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Contoh soal passive voice - simple present tense dan jawabannya: 1. I eat brown rice and green beans. (a. Brown rice and green beans is ate by me. b. Brown

a.    I didn’t have free time. Therefore, I didn’t watch the movie together with my friend.
b.    I don’t have free time. Therefore. I don’t watch the movie together with my friend.
c.    I was not having free time. Therefore, I was not watching the movie together with my friend.
d.    I am not having free time. Therefore. I am not watching the movie together with my friend.

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Soal passive voice sma essay

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English is Fun : Soal Latihan Passive Voice

Contoh Soal Passive Voice - Simple Present Tense dan.

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soal passive voice sma essay
soal passive voice sma essay

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