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Problem solving approach in teaching and learning

The problem-solving process is self-correcting, and, if necessary, recycles in order to achieve the best outcomes for all students.  This process is strongly supported by both IDEA and NCLB.  Specifically, both legislative actions support all students achieving benchmarks regardless of their status in general or special education.

8D has become very popular among manufacturers because it is effective and reasonably easy to teach. Below you’ll find the benefits of an 8D, when it is appropriate to perform and how it is performed.

The goal underlying these meetings is to leave with a new strategy designed to counter a current issue preventing or hindering the team’s progress.

Problem solving is used when products or processes fail, so corrective action can be taken to prevent further failures . It can also be applied to a product or process prior to an actual fail event, ., when a potential problem can be predicted and analyzed, and mitigation applied so the problem never actually occurs. Techniques such as Failure Mode Effects Analysis can be used to proactively reduce the likelihood of problems occurring.

Diagnose the situation so that your focus is on the problem, not just its symptoms. Helpful techniques at this stage include using flowcharts to identify the expected steps of a process and cause-and-effect diagrams to define and analyze root causes.

Here is a five-stage model that most students can easily memorize and put into action and which has direct applications to many areas of the curriculum as well as everyday life:

This article, written for primary teachers, discusses what we mean by 'problem-solving skills' and draws attention to NRICH tasks which can help develop specific skills.

There are many social work theories that guide social work practice. Here are some of the major theories that are generally accepted in the field of social work:

These behavioral questions typically start with “Tell me about a time…” or “Give me an example of…” Each question focuses on a desired competency area (a few examples: communication skills, time management, creativity).

A fundamental part of every manager's role is finding ways to solve them. So, being a confident problem solver is really important to your success. Much of that confidence comes from having a good process to use when approaching a problem. With one, you can solve problems quickly and effectively. Without one, your solutions may be ineffective, or you'll get stuck and do nothing, with sometimes painful consequences.

Excerpted from Grace L. Duffy’s Modular Kaizen: Continuous and Breakthrough Improvement , ASQ Quality Press, 2014, pages 119-120.

Analyze the problem. How often does the problem occur? How severe is it? Are there any special circumstances that are present when it occurs? What might be the causes of the problem? Can you rule out any causes? How long has it been going on? Has it gotten worse? How is the problem affecting other processes or people?

An analytical thinker has the ability to get into the detail of a problem, evaluate all components & perspectives to understand it and determine what’s missing.  Analytical thinkers ask questions to fill in any gaps they see in order to foresee next steps.  They have confidence in their ability and make assumptions & decisions because of their constructive fact finding process.  Although their assumptions are credible & decisions well supported, they may not move quickly enough to a solution if they do not have all the facts.  Because their fact-finding process takes time, they may not offer any opinions unless specifically asked.

The 5 step problem solving method is an alternative vversion to the PDCA and DMAIC models, and is often a simpler tool to use for relatively simple problems. Find out ...

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An alternative to PDCA, the 5 step approach is a simpler alternative, which may help a team quickly understand and try new ideas to resolve the problem at hand.

Problem solving approach in teaching and learning

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5 Step Problem Solving Approach

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problem solving approach in teaching and learning
problem solving approach in teaching and learning

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