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School should start later essay

Why arent all schools changing to a later time? writes Kyla Wahlstorm. The answer to that is actually very complicated. The time that a school starts is felt to be sacrosanct by those who have some to rely on it as a predictable part in their daily life.

Due to the fact that almost 70% of teens don't get enough sleep [28] , there are increases in stimulant abuse, weight gain , risk of diabetes , [29] immune disorders , mood swings , depression , and suicidal ideation , as well as reduced impulse control. [30] [31] In addition, early school start times have been associated with drowsy driving in new teen drivers and higher car crash rates. Schools ending early in the afternoon may also increase the risk of engaging in unhealthy, risky behaviors among sleep-deprived adolescents. [32] Sending children to school before sunrise also means they must wait or walk in dark, with low visibility. [33]

The biology of human sleep timing, like that of other mammals, changes as we age. This has been shown in many studies. As puberty begins, bedtimes and waking times get later. This trend continues until years in women and 21 in men. Then it reverses. At 55 we wake at about the time we woke prior to puberty. On average this is two hours earlier than adolescents. This means that for a teenager, a 7 . alarm call is the equivalent of a 5 . start for people in their 50s.

Waking up too early can cause people who stay up late doing homework tired in the morning. We should go to school to learn instead of thinking of sleep. Some people even skip breakfast because of the need to get to school in time. If students are worried about needing to sleep or being hungry in the morning, they can not concentrate on what is important. If school starts later, students may also have more time to finish homework that they did not complete because they were too tired at night from a lack of sleep and too much homework.

Most students if asked would tell you that they wish school started later. Many studies have shown that a later start time for school can be quite beneficial for the ...

He points to American studies that show increased attention spans and ability to concentrate, a quieter mood in the classroom, and better grades.


Nobody likes to wake up early, when students do not get enough sleep they can get crabby. If school was pushed back to 9:30, students and teachers would be much happier and healthier. Parents will also love this because students will get better grades and have more free time to do chores. They will be focused and attentive, and in addition students will be less late to school. Students also will have a much better attitude towards homework because they can complete it at night and maybe complete some studying in the morning as well. Instead of teachers getting up at 5:30 to prepare for their classes, teachers will be happy when they get to sleep in as well.

In this study, I use data from Wake County, North Carolina, to examine how start times affect the performance of middle school students on standardized tests. I find that delaying school start times by one hour, from roughly 7:30 to 8:30, increases standardized test scores by at least 2 percentile points in math and 1 percentile point in reading. The effect is largest for students with below-average test scores, suggesting that later start times would narrow gaps in student achievement.

The statement, published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine , follows similar recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It asserts that if middle- and high-school students are allowed to wake up later in the morning, they’ll be more focused during the day, more alert behind the wheel and less likely to be late to (or absent from) school.

See, there are many positive things that could happen if school started later. Kids would get more sleep, it could be safer and more convenient and students might not have to rush at night when they do work. So why shouldn’t school start later? Really, why?

Should the start time of schools be moved forward? In what ways could a later start benefit teenagers, but also cost them? How would an earlier start time affect students?

On April 2 of 1999, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), introduced a congressional resolution to encourage schools and school districts to reconsider early morning start times to be more in sync with teens' biological makeup. House Congressional Resolution 135 or the "ZZZ's to A’s" Act would encourage individual schools and school districts all over the country to move school start times to no earlier than 8:30 .

It's also a proven fact that only fifteen percent of teenagers get the sleep that they need. Can you believe that more than twenty-five percent of teenagers sleep less than seven hours a night? Are you one of those teenagers? Well, part of the reason why this is happening is because school starts so early in the morning. If school hours were changed, teenagers would be much healthier and feel better about themselves.

But in the 70 school districts involving more than 1,000 schools that have adopted later start times for high school students, teachers, parents and the students themselves are seeing substantial benefits. In one district that pushed back start times by one hour, half of the students reported getting eight or more hours of sleep, compared to 37% who had prior to the shift.

However, shifting school start times to a later hour presents difficulties for parents who may no longer be able to drop their children off before work. During the winter, when the sun sets earlier, children and teenagers may be unable to walk home safely in the dark and have to coordinate rides with each other or adults. Sports practice, which can last anywhere between one to two hours after classes, may become unfeasible.

The most important benefits of a later start time is that you get to sleep longer, and some people who has a hard time waking up in the morning, has a better chance at making it to class. The disadvantages can be that you come home later.

School should start later essay

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school should start later essay
school should start later essay

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