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Hydatidiform mole case study

Based on morphology , hydatidiform moles can be divided into two types: in complete moles , all the chorionic villi are vesicular, and no sign of embryonic or fetal development is present. In partial moles some villi are vesicular, whereas others appear more normal, and embryonic/fetal development may be seen but the fetus is always malformed and is never viable.

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To our knowledge, our case is the fourth description in the world literature of a benign complete hydatidiform mole in a postmenopausal woman. Although benign gestational trophoblastic disease generally occurs in women of reproductive age and is extremely rare in postmenopausal women, when evaluating patients who are in postmenopausal period the diagnosis of hydatidiform mole must always be considered.

Gestational trophoblastic disease (abbreviated GTD ), also gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (abbreviated GTN ), includes choriocarcinoma and hydatidiform moles.

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These account for 80% of complete moles, with two identical paternal chromosome complements, derived from duplication of the paternal haploid chromosomes. They are always 46, XX; 46,YY has never been observed.

Signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism can be present due to stimulation of the thyroid gland by the high levels of circulating hCG or by a thyroid stimulating substance (ie, thyrotropin) produced by the trophoblasts. [ 32 ]  Clinical hyperthyroidism has been reported in % of women with a hydatidiform mole diagnosed after the 10th week of gestation.

The BhCG was 50990 (markedly raised) and the US suggestive of gestational trophoblastic disease. CT is usually used to evaluate invasive mole or secondary localization.

Mme , 40-year-old, multiparous, at 6 weeks’s gestation by last menstrual period, presented the gynecological emergency for lower abdominal pain.

Molar pregnancy is an abnormal form of pregnancy in which a ... (in the first case the sperm then ... In rare cases a hydatidiform mole co-exists in ...

Hydatidiform mole case study

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Hydatidiform Mole A Cause of Clinical Hyperthyroidism.

CASE REPORT: A Hydatidiform Mole Can Cause Severe.

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hydatidiform mole case study
hydatidiform mole case study

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