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Ethnographic case study methodology

Herodotus , known as the Father of History, had significant works on the cultures of various peoples beyond the Hellenic realm such as the Scythians , which earned him the title "philobarbarian", and may be said to have produced the first works of ethnography.

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The aim of an ethnographic study within a usability project is to get ‘under the skin’ of a design problem (and all its associated issues). It is hoped that by achieving this, a designer will be able to truly understand the problem and therefore design a far better solution.

Both have similarities as far as the methods of data collection are concerned; ., observation, interviews, etc. However, i think ethnographic research takes much ...

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Ethnography literally means to "write (or represent) a culture." Ethnographers look for patterns, describe local relationships (formal and informal), understandings and meanings (tacit and explicit), and try to make sense of a place and a case in relation to the entire social setting and all social relationships. They also contextualize these in wider contexts (., the wider economy, government policies, etc.).

1990s: Emphasis began to be heavily placed on personal narratives and expansion of "autoethnography" use. Series such as Ethnographic Alternatives and the first Handbook of Qualitative Research were published to better explain the importance of autoethnographic use.

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Ethnographic case study methodology

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ethnographic case study methodology
ethnographic case study methodology

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