Should college education be free? |, College should be free argument essay

College should be free argument essay

Still, Sanders has pointed to free tuition in European countries like Germany and Denmark to prove the models can be successful.

But that vision of a “people’s college” seems awfully remote to a growing number of American students crushed under soaring tuitions and mounting debt. One hundred and fifty years after Lincoln made his pledge, it’s time to make public colleges and universities free for every American.

The National Science Foundation has long recognized the importance of two-year schools as training grounds for high-tech industries such as biotechnology and nanotechnology. It devotes more than $60 million annually to its Advanced Technological Education program, which develops curricula to immerse students, for instance, in the nuances of cell cultures and standard deviations. Graduates of these courses go on to careers in the laboratories of Genentech and the command centers of nuclear power plants. Veterans returning to the workforce receive training for technical careers in the aerospace industry.

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The school is closing its doors on the heels of a federal crackdown on for-profit institutions that make a buck off of young (and some older) people who want an education and pathway to success.

If you're going to college - especially in the . - you need to read this book. I may have graduated with no debt , but the average college graduate these days is coming out of school with around  $30,000  of it. Having that amount of debt will limit your options when it comes to jobs, where you can live, etc. This is  not  how it should be. This is not how it  has  to be. Debt-Free U  will show you how you can go to college and  avoid debt -  even if your family isn't loaded.

This article appears in  Dissent 's new " Arguments on the Left " issue with responses by  Tressie McMillan Cottom  and  Mike Konczal .

When I first heard that Bernie Sanders wants to make tuition free at public colleges and universities, I laughed because I thought it was a jo…

Although the exact amount it would take to pay for public college tuition has been somewhat disputed, one figure is cited most commonly . “Tuition at public colleges came to $ billion in 2012 , according to the latest government data ,” writes Think Progress ’s Bryce Covert. “That’s less than what the government already spends to subsidize the cost of college through grants, tax breaks, and work-study funds, which comes to about $69 billion. It spends another $ billion on student loans.”

The plan—in which the president proposed having the federal government cover 75% of the cost of tuition and states pay the rest—was aimed at increasing access to college in an era when most good jobs require some postsecondary education and many employers say they struggle to find workers with the skills they need. But at an estimated cost of $60 billion over 10 years, the proposal was controversial and given no chance of advancing in a Republican-controlled Congress.

 · College should be free because, many people don’t have any money but want an education. If those people don’t have a full education neither will the ...

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If we want to significantly improve educational outcomes, we need to both make college more affordable so more students can enroll, and make the reforms needed to ensure community college students can succeed in their courses, complete their programs, and graduate within a reasonable amount of time.

Some education advocates, however, believe these plans don’t go far enough, and that all public colleges and universities should be free.

Today, college remains the greatest driver of socioeconomic mobility in America, but if we don't do more to keep it within reach for middle-class families and those striving to get into the middle class, it could have the opposite effect—serving as a barrier, instead of as a ticket to the American Dream. Every hard-working student deserves a real opportunity to earn an affordable, high-quality degree or credential that offers a clear path to civic engagement, economic security, and success.

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As progressive advocates of free college are so eager to point out, public funding hasn’t kept up with such changes in the past. For instance, California has the cheapest community college fees in the nation. During the recession, enrollments boomed and the state budget for higher education took a hit. Unable to raise additional revenue through a tuition increase, California’s community colleges turned away 600,000 students .

Voters’ perception that college is increasingly unaffordable is, unfortunately, correct. The rise in college prices and student debt is troubling precisely because it undermines one of our last avenues of upward mobility, and could have far-reaching economic consequences as an entire generation leaves college with a financial burden that few in previous generations endured. 

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Community colleges can be expensive by themselves, but adding on hundreds of dollars each semester just to pay for books is absurd. If community college dropped all costs of tuition, a handful of more students will attend them. It will allow students to have a more stable mentality of their money by not worrying about the cost of college. It will also help students concentrate more on their studies of work, rather than having to worry about how to pay for their study of work.

At the base of the debate about the cost of college is the question whether college is a private or a public benefit. The answer is clearly both. A college degree increases lifetime earnings substantially — by about $1,000,000 — and provides better and more employment opportunities. But individuals are not the only ones who profit from college; the nation, and the states that compose it, benefit from a more skilled and educated workforce and the social mobility inherent within it. Education, in today’s world, is the path to the American dream.

College should be free argument essay

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college should be free argument essay
college should be free argument essay

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