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Direct speech homework ks2

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Read students an example of dialogue between three characters who are very similar, which conveys little, and ask what is wrong with it. Stress that dialogue should be used sparingly, and should always reveal character rather than information.

Direct John: 'Does he play golf?'
Reported : 'John asked if he played golf.'
Reported : 'John asked whether he played golf.'

Consolidate rules of speech / homework ! Thanks. NAZMA12345, Apr 21st ... Use and Punctuate Direct Speech Teaching Ideas and Resource Pack contains: 4.

Direct speech , also known as quoted speech, consists of words or phrases that are taken directly from the source. These words are quoted or written exactly as the words were originally spoken.

Now the children have to re-write this conversation in the form of a story. They will need to include phrases such as "said Tom" and "asked Joe". Speech marks will also need to be used, so it is important that children have a good knowledge of the correct use of speech marks before this activity is tried.

"While direct speech purports to give a verbatim rendition of the words that were spoken, indirect speech is more variable in claiming to represent a faithful report of the content or content and form of the words that were spoken. It is important to note, however, that the question of whether and how faithful a given speech report actually is, is of a quite different order.

People use language to accomplish certain kinds of acts, broadly known as speech acts , and distinct from physical acts like drinking a glass of water, or mental acts like thinking about drinking a glass of water. Speech acts include asking for a glass of water, promising to drink a glass of water, threatening to drink a glass of water, ordering someone to drink a glass of water, and so on.

A change of place between when the conversation was held and when it was reported may mean that the ‘place’ words need changing.

During the process, you will come across many important terms that you need to know better so that to convert any direct speech into indirect speech easily and without any hassle. Consider the following sentences:

Direct speech homework ks2

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Direct and reported speech - TES Resources

Direct Speech - Primary Resources

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direct speech homework ks2
direct speech homework ks2

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