Dissertation Autrui Est Il Un Autre Moi Mme, Dissertation sur mme bovary

Dissertation sur mme bovary

Émilie Du Châtelet was a wealthy, fashionable, aristocratic woman—there are several extant portraits of her. Three of the key images on our website are particularly striking in their symbolism. The first is the portrait of Du Châtelet displayed on our project’s Home page. The portrait is based on another painting formerly attributed to Maurice Quentin de la Tour, and can now be found in the private collection of the Marquis de Breteuil. Other copies of this painting exist and some appear online, but they may be erroneously identified as the original. For more information on how we identified the correct image, see our Methodology page.

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Dissertation sur mme bovary

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Dissertation Sur Antigone De Sophocle

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dissertation sur mme bovary
dissertation sur mme bovary

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