WHITE-COLLAR CRIME essay, White collar crime essay question

White collar crime essay question

To understand what constitutes a white collar crime, the US Department of Justice defines it as the illegal acts characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust that are not dependent upon the application or threat of force or violence. The socio-economic status of the offender is not incorporated into the definition or is it an important element in why someone commits a fraudulent act.

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Although criminologists continue to debate which specific crimes qualify as white-collar crime, in general white collar crime encompasses a variety of nonviolent crimes usually committed in commercial situations for financial gain. Types of white-collar crime include:

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White collar crimes refer to those anti-social activities which are committed by persons of respectability and high social status in the course of their occupation and profession. Such activities involve variety of injurious actions volatile of regulatory, civil or criminal laws.

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Although offenses similar to what is referred to as white-collar crime have been around for centuries, it is likely that white-collar crime will become even more prevalent in the future than it is now or was in the past. Social and technological changes have made white-collar crime opportunities more available to a broader range of people than ever before.

White-collar crime may force many people to make unfair judgments. Because there is no fixed definition, a number of nonviolent crimes are generally considered as white collar crimes. ... White-collar crime cases often invoke the defense of entrapment. ... White-collar crime tends to be made up of complex, sophisticated, and relatively technical actions. ... White-collar crime does not fit our stereotype of "real" crime; it is rarely condemned to the same degree that street crime is, and there is very little public stigma attached to white-collar crime. ...

White collar crime is a broad term that includes several types of non-traditional as well as nonviolent crimes including fraud, illegal transactions, black mailing, telemarketing fraud, and welfare fraud; identify theft, commercial robbery like theft of intellectual property, damage to physical assets, theft of vehicles or plants, counterfeiting, forgery, tax invasion and bribery etc. The business crimes are supposed to be nonviolent, but in some cases, the offenders might be violent in their acts and get involved in activities like harassment, assault, violence against workers or protesters (Shapiro, 1995).

It is not everyday that we hear about white-collar crimes but these non-violent crimes are on the rise too. Federal Bureau of Investigation states that USA, for example recorded white collar crimes amounting $300 billion every year (Cornell University, 2010). White-collar crime is relatively a new idea. It has been present in courtyards for quite a long time but the idea may still be ambiguous for some. Lawyers and law practitioners continue their dispute regarding the grounds and scope for white-collar crimes. It has many aspects that are viable for scrutiny and further interpretation to clear some of its gray areas.

To start with, both street crime and white - collar crime have the major consequences. Robberies, thefts, and vandalism are considered to be serious crimes

Passing of goods, concealment of defects in the commodity for sale etc. These white collar crimes by nature are such that the injury or the damage caused as a result of them is so widely diffused in the large body of citizens that their gravity as regards individual victim is almost negligible.

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White collar crime essay question

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white collar crime essay question
white collar crime essay question

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