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Chalmers master thesis opponent

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This subject investigates the nature of spoken discourse and major approaches to analysing and understanding it; written discourse will also be touched on for comparative purposes. Students will develop their skills in the collection and transcription of spoken language data and in designing research projects in discourse analysis relevant to applied linguistics. A variety of discourse types and genres will be studied, with a focus on dialogic interaction. Theories and approaches covered will include pragmatics, conversation analysis, and critical discourse analysis.

The information Literacy course intends to improve the ability to effectively search for and critically evaluate information resources. 

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The diploma thesis work may be conducted within one of our research divisions, or within a company. General guidelines, forms and instructions for Master's thesis ...

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Welcome to Chalmers Writing Guide! This guide provides general writing tips to guide and help with your writing but also focuses in particular on the Master thesis. However, many of the tips given can be used for other kinds of report writing as well.

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Chalmers master thesis opponent

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Master’s thesis | Chalmers

Master s thesis | Chalmers

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chalmers master thesis opponent
chalmers master thesis opponent

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