ADDvance - Helping Your Child With ADD (ADHD) At School, How to help your add child with homework

How to help your add child with homework

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A neuropsychologist did diagnose Wendy's son with ADHD . (It's an umbrella term that covers all cases, even those that don't include hyperactivity). But when the doctor suggested medicine, she put her foot down. "I was adamantly opposed to putting my child on medications and resisted it for months," she says. "I didn't want him to think life's problems were solved with something out of a bottle."

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If you’re concerned your child might have ADHD, here are steps you can take . And if your child was just diagnosed with ADHD, find out what to do next .

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The DSM may have changed, but many of us weren’t in on it! The belief that ADD and ADHD are distinct conditions is still prevalent. In the psychology and health world, though, ADD and ADHD are technically the same. That doesn’t mean your Predominately Inattentive child will begin to look like a child with Hyperactivity. Rather, your inattentive child will not likely look just like any other inattentive child! He is unique and will have symptoms and challenges that are uniquely his. He will also have his own strengths, and be influenced by his own parents.

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How to help your add child with homework

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20 Tips for Helping Kids with ADHD Succeed in School

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how to help your add child with homework
how to help your add child with homework

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