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Geography tnc case study

Most troubling to the delegation were the persistent allegations that paramilitary violence against workers was done with the knowledge of and likely under the direction of company managers. The physical access that paramilitaries have had to Coca-Cola bottling plants is impossible without company knowledge and/or tacit approval….”

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During the last election cycle in the United States the financial contributions from TNC’s in the oil and gas industry topped $14 Million . 27% of this was to democrats, with the remaining 73% donated to the republicans. This was done in the hope and expectation that if elected, the party will use legislation to help the TNC’s make larger profits.

There our around 777 Nike factories in the world to this date, employing (most recent measurement) 1,009,496 workers globally. Nike our currently manufacturing in over 46 countries across the world.

TNC - Nike. TNC - Transnational Corperation. Manufacture footwear and clothing; Headquaters (HQ) in USA; Factories in every continets, except Africa - 124 in China ...

The production chains of these and other TNCs connect across the globe, kitting together the countries of the world into a network of interdependence. The overriding motive for setting up these chains is to maximise sales and profits. Aside from agriculture, industry and domestic purposes there are also other strong motives for this:

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Geography tnc case study

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Case Study of a TNC – The Coca Cola Company – Joe Blakey

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geography tnc case study
geography tnc case study

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