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Mggs homework

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For many students starting secondary school regular homework set by a number of teachers is a new experience. These pages aim to explain our policy on homework, to give an idea of the activities set by different subjects and to provide some indication of the amount of time which should be spent on homework. They also offer some guidance on parental help and outlines the procedure involved if there is any cause for concern.

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Our community is close-knit and maintains a rural focus with more than 70 per cent of girls coming from a regional or rural background, complemented by expatriate, international and sessional boarders.

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ASD is a developmental disability that affects an individual’s social interactions, behaviour and overall ability to interact with their environment. It is a permanent condition and there is no cure. It is important to remember that no two children with ASD are exactly the same, although they may have similar problems. That is why the disorder is called a ‘spectrum’.

We encourage our students to be interesting and interested, aspirational and inspirational. We would like our students to leave school as young adults that any family would wish their child to be when they leave home: Confident, self-assured, with a strong work ethic and better prepared both academically and socially to go out into an ever-changing world.

Mggs homework

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mggs homework
mggs homework

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