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Cultural imperialism research paper

A Select Bibliography on Cultural Imperialism (in progress) Prepared by Maximilian C. Forte Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology Concordia University 2015 Alojamiento ...

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"John Tomlinson set out to challenge many of the hidden and not-so-hidden assumptions in talk about cultural imperialism, and by the finish he has completely reshaped the debate... Tomlinson has done all of us a great service." -- K. Anthony Appiah, Voice Literary Supplement

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The extension of the influence or dominance of one nation's culture over others, now usually through the exportation of cultural commodities such as film, music, etc.

Many of today's academics that employ the term, cultural imperialism, are heavily informed by the work of Foucault , Derrida , Said , and other poststructuralist and postcolonialist theorists. [4] Within the realm of postcolonial discourse, cultural imperialism can be seen as the cultural legacy of colonialism, or forms of social action contributing to the continuation of Western hegemony . To some outside of the realm of this discourse, the term is critiqued as being unclear, unfocused, and/or contradictory in nature. [4]

The Royal Geographical Society of London and other geographical societies in Europe had great influence and were able to fund travelers who would come back with tales of their discoveries. [18] These societies also served as a space for travellers to share these stories. [18] Political geographers such as Friedrich Ratzel of Germany and Halford Mackinder of Britain also supported imperialism. [19] Ratzel believed expansion was necessary for a state's survival while Mackinder supported Britain's imperial expansion; these two arguments dominated the discipline for decades. [20]

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If you are American, you want to see how your leaders -President, Secretary of State and your UN delegates literally force their new and loose views of sexual morality on poorer nations. You want to see Hilary Clinton as she clearly and forcefully states that “LGBT rights are Human rights and Human Rights are LGBT rights”.

Few topics on popular culture can be adequately researched on the web alone. These reading suggestions are designed as beginning points for further offline study.

Does America really spread concepts like freedom, democracy and human rights? But what about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? and what Guantanamo Bay within the United States? and again regarding freedom, is there any freedom in Palestine? I think the . should first reconsider its domestic and foreign policy before trying to spread these kind of values around the world. At the moment, even given the importance to contribute in freedom, human rights and democracy throughout the world, the United States is not yet a credible actor, also because of its military imposition of such values.

Cultural imperialism research paper

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cultural imperialism research paper
cultural imperialism research paper

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