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Finland less homework

Compared with the stereotype of the East Asian model -- long hours of exhaustive cramming and rote memorization -- Finland's success is especially intriguing because Finnish schools assign less homework and engage children in more creative play. All this has led to a continuous stream of foreign delegations making the pilgrimage to Finland to visit schools and talk with the nation's education experts, and constant coverage in the worldwide media marveling at the Finnish miracle.

The WSJ offers a few other ideas about Finnish educational success. One is that kids learn to read very early because American television and movies tend to have Finnish subtitles, rather than dubbing. If you want to know what’s going on, you have to learn to read. Few American kids feel so motivated.

To get their findings, researchers looked at 15-year-olds from 38 countries. Besides China, Russia also topped the list of countries that gave the most homework, with their students spending about 10 hours per week on extra work. Italy, Ireland, Poland and Spain also gave their students over seven hours of at-home assignments per week.

 · What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland ... Finland's success is especially intriguing because Finnish schools assign less homework ... Finland 's …

A 2004 national survey conducted by the University of Michigan found that the amount of time spent on homework had risen 51 percent since 1981. Most of this increase was found among younger students, with daily homework for 6- to 8-year-olds increasing, on average, from about 8 minutes in 1981 to 22 minutes in 2003.

I had good time researching and reading the blog of a math teacher and her experience being in Finland. Yet, there is a problem still left in our country, the school system needs to be change and hopefully we can get there because I want a bright future for all the students in this country.

Although homeschooling is legal it is still rare in Finland. Most Finns are happy with public education and don’t see the need to homeschool. Moreover, private education is virtually nonexistent.

They believe it.  They live by it. Their houses are not larger than what they need in which to comfortably live.  They do not buy or over consume.  They live simply and humbly.  They don’t feel the need to have 300 types of cereal to choose from when 10 will do.  The women wear less make-up.  The men don’t have giant trucks (or any vehicles at all, really).  Instead of buying hundreds of cheap articles of clothing the Finns buy a few expensive items of high quality that will last for decades rather than months.  They truly believe and live by the mentality of less is more.

A petition for the National PTA to adopt “healthy homework guidelines” on currently has 19,000 signatures.  In September 2013, Atlantic featured an article, “My Daughter’s Homework is Killing Me,” by a Manhattan writer who joined his middle school daughter in doing her homework for a week.  Most nights the homework took more than three hours to complete.      

Since 2003, the average amount of time 15-year-olds spend on homework per week dropped by about an hour. In the United States, the average time spent on homework remained unchanged, as shown in the graph below:

By so doing, I am motivated to take action. I also think about the benefits of doing a great one and gaining the best grades. After considering all these, I will go in search of people who will do my homework for money if I feel I cannot produce the best paper. If I feel I can do the work, I get to a serene place that is bereft of all distractions and think about the best way to do my homework.

While Finland's ranking dropped to 12 in the most recent PISA ranking, it's still a lot higher than the US ranking of 36.

At the University of Eastern Finland’s Normaalikoulu teacher training school in Joensuu, Finland, you can see Hietava’s students enjoying the cutting-edge concept of “personalized learning.”

When speaking about the Finnish education system, there are millions of arguments why people say it will never work in their countries. It’s a topic of interest for many in theory, yet when it comes to actual implementation, that’s where the interest of people seems to fade. Here are the most common arguments I’ve heard, and my comments on them.

So, does this manage to convince you that moving to Finland may be a really great idea? This infographic was made on behalf of OnlineStudents, the popular online resource of informative articles.

So what Finland knows about homework that the rest of the world does not? There is no simple answer, as the success of education system in Finland is provided by many factors, starting from poverty rates in the country to parental leave policies to the availability of preschools. Nevertheless, one of the greatest secrets of the success of education system in Finland is the way Finns teach their children.

“I took Besart on that year as my private student,” Louhivuori told me in his office, which boasted a Beatles “Yellow Submarine” poster on the wall and an electric guitar in the closet. When Besart was not studying science, geography and math, he was parked next to Louhivuori’s desk at the front of his class of 9- and 10-year- olds, cracking open books from a tall stack, slowly reading one, then another, then devouring them by the dozens. By the end of the year, the son of Kosovo war refugees had conquered his adopted country’s vowel-rich language and arrived at the realization that he could, in fact, learn .

As part of a series of educational reforms in the 1970s and ’80s, Finland “shook the classrooms free from the last vestiges of top-down regulation,” wrote Smithsonian Magazine contributor LynNell Hancock in September 2011 . “Control over policies shifted to town councils. The national curriculum was distilled into broad guidelines.”

Finland less homework

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Why do Finnish pupils succeed with less homework. - BBC

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finland less homework
finland less homework

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