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Cover letter vet tech

In my clinical academic experience/previous vet tech positions I’ve had the opportunity to develop my skills in the areas of lab test analysis, radiology, dental care, and small animal care. As part of your organization I look forward to continuously improving these skills while providing value and quality care to your patients. In addition to my clinical strengths, I work excellently as part of a team and pride myself on my ability to communicate well and learn quickly. My primary objective is to help your practice grow and function smoothly in any way I can.

There are a number of reasons that I know this position would be mutually beneficial to your practice and my career. I have a degree as a Vet Tech from Cornell University, and have been employed the last nine years as a Vet Tech at Birkdale Animal Hospital. My chief accountabilities have been to run tests, analyze data, and offer assistance in caring for office domestic and farm animals. I am very familiar with all kind of animals and pedigrees, various equipment, analysis methods; and work well with all kinds of people, animals, and tasks of a Vet Tech position. I am also very personable, positive, and can work fast.

Since graduating high school three years ago, I have worked as a full-time vet tech for XYZ Pet Hospital. In addition to assisting the practice’s four DVMs with exams, surgeries and various procedures, I also handle administrative work and daily interaction with patients and their owners.

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Talk about why you are interested in participating in an externship at the particular institution (eg- AMC or the National Aquarium).
Specifically, disucuss your current professional interest and how the externship fits in with that interest and your future goals. 
Share briefly what other professional exposure you have had that has prepared you to make the most out of an externship at the particular institution

It is a great pleasure to submit my job application for the position of Veterinary Technician at Paws Plus. My relevant education and 6 months’ work experience as vet intern has developed my abilities to handle the routine operations of vet office smoothly while providing exceptional service to clients.

I would like to apply for the role of Veterinary Technician that you have advertised in (where) and (when) for (which practice).

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Different clinics place different demands on their staff. For example, some will expect their veterinary techs to administer shots and wrap broken bones while others will only want their vet techs to handle preparatory patient affairs. Some will expect their vet techs to deal with their own paperwork while others will have administrative assistants for the task. You’ll want to go into detail about all the things you can do so your potential employer will know if you’re the right fit for their needs.

Upon review of your posting for a Vet Tech position, I felt compelled to submit my resume for your review. With experience in animal health care gained throughout my educational and professional background, I am confident I would be able to make a significant contribution to your clinic.

I immensely enjoy the challenge of handling farm animals. While I realize you probably don’t see too many chickens, horses and cows in your practice, I was very interested to learn that you specialize in exotic pets and birds. I am truly eager to gain experience working with snakes, in particular. But reptiles in general are of great interest to me, as we don’t have too many folks out this way who raise them.

Maintained assigned animal rooms cleaning, cage changing, sanitizing supplies, feeding and observing animals for illness or injury.

Download our Vet Tech Cover Letter to submit with your professional resume.  Job hunting is difficult and stressful.  Not having a professional resume or cover letter will reduce your chances of securing an interview.  This veterinary technician cover letter can be easily customized in MS Word with your personal information and professional experience.

Your cover letter and résumé should show enthusiasm for the desired position. Make sure any voice mail messages and email addresses reflect a professional image.

Cover letter vet tech

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Veterinary Technician Cover Letter Sample -

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cover letter vet tech
cover letter vet tech

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