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Picnic essay in hindi for class 2

When all our parents were ready, we walked to a small river nearby to picnic in its banks. Then the elders chose a place where the water was only two or three feet deep, and we all held hands and crossed over to the other side. What fun it was! We slipped on the stones and kept falling into the water. The stones hurt our feet but we didn’t mind.

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I am Chintoo Singh. I study in Class III. I love my school very much. I still remember my first day in the school. I was very small at that time. My mother took me to Nursery I. The name of my school was Sapphire International School. It was a very beautiful school. My principal took me to the class. Her name was Mrs. Rachna Mishra. She was very sweet and kind to me. She used to give me toffees everyday. My class teacher's name was Payal Sehgal. She used to love me a lot. I cried a lot on the first day but my teacher gave me a lot of toys. She took me to the ball pool where I played a lot.

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Our picnic started early in the morning, we hired a bus and all travelled together. It was a 2 hour drive. We had great fun in the bus.

Picnic essay in hindi for class 2

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A short essay on picnic in hindi.

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picnic essay in hindi for class 2
picnic essay in hindi for class 2

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