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Extradosed bridge thesis

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An extradosed bridge employs a structure which combines the main elements of both a prestressed box girder bridge and a cable-stayed bridge.: 85 The name comes from ...

Keywords: Bridges Extradosed prestressing Parametric study Protensão extradorsal Structural conception

The extradosal bridge form is mostly suited to medium-length spans between 100 metres (330 ft) and 250 metres (820 ft), and over fifty such bridges had been constructed around the world to 2012. [4] : 16–26 Whilst incurring many of the construction costs of both the cable-stayed and girder bridge types, extradosed bridges can deliver material savings to offset much of this penalty. [1] : 387–388 They have frequently been adopted when overall height, navigation clearance, or aesthetic requirements have made the cable-stayed or girder alternatives less feasible. [4] : 15, 135–136

Narmada bridge design and construction comprises of bored cast in situ pile foundation, pier-cap, Y-shaped pylons, and extradosed cable deck which consist of 3-4 m varying length segments having three-cell precast segmental box girder cast with short-line method and erection with balance-cantilever under-slug method by Bridge Builder. Stay-cables and post tensioning systems are provided to have structurally sound deking system.

Extradosed bridge thesis

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Development of extradosed structures in the bridge.

Extradosed bridge - Wikipedia

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extradosed bridge thesis
extradosed bridge thesis

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