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Essay value of discipline

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Contrary to the negative connotation of the word’s modern usage, “discipline” actually has origin in Latin meaning “to teach.” Therefore, discipline is simply the teaching of information that is necessary for children to be successful in their respective environments.

Discipline is a moral obligation among many groups of people. Disciplined behavior is required by some laws and other legal obligations. Commercial entities can also put in place strict disciplinary requirements for the length of the commercial agreement. Airlines enforce strict disciplinary and conduct rules upon flight passengers .

Discipline is one of the most important virtues in human life. It has its birth in human-being’s wish for happiness. In the dim dawn of human history, the need of society was realized when men felt that the law of the jungle no longer appealed to them and that a life of orderliness and obedience, a life of love, peace and co-operation would be more rewarding.

Life is very complex today. We have to struggle hard to maintain ourselves. At the booking office windows, in buses and elsewhere there is a great rush. Elbowing out others is not always possible and if we do so, it will be wasting our time and energy. The best thing, therefore, is to remain under discipline and take our turn when it comes.

                Discipline is important both in games and studies.  We need discipline both in the class-room and at the playground.  At the playground, the player must obey the rules of the game.  He must obey the referee.

Discipline is highly valuable in our every walk of life. We have to follow it all time whether we are in the school, home, office, institutions, factory, playground, battlefield or other places. It is the most important necessity of the happy and peaceful life. It gives us lots of great opportunity, right way to go ahead, to learn new things in life, to experiences more within less time, etc. and grow. Whereas, lack of discipline cause lots of confusion and disorders. Indiscipline gives no peace and progress in the life instead creates lots of problem.

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Essay value of discipline

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Essay on Value of Discipline in our Life - Important India

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essay value of discipline
essay value of discipline

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