Poverty and Education: Finding the Way Forward, Poverty and education dissertation

Poverty and education dissertation

Reviewing nearly 30 years of research, the Treasury reported: "Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are much less likely to succeed in education... On 'difficult to let' estates, one in four children gain no GCSEs (the national average is one in twenty) and rates of truancy are four times the national average... There is considerable evidence that growing up in a family which has experienced financial difficulties, damages children's educational performance...

As most of you are very aware, the Norwegian government has earlier this year announced its reinforced focus and investment in education in development.  This commitment to education in development is also reflected in the proposed state budget. The Norwegian White Paper 25 on Education for Development announces “A renewed global effort to achieve good quality, relevant education for all (…)” to  address educations’s role in  fighting poverty, creating jobs, foster business development, improve health and nutrition, and promote gender equality, peace and democracy”.

The year 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of Caritas Australia's journey of love and compassion. Read more and watch videos outlining what we have achieved within our 50 years.

In 2015, % ( million) of Americans lived in poverty. [6] Starting in the 1930s, relative poverty rates have consistently exceeded those of other wealthy nations. [7] The lowest poverty rates are found in New Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota and Nebraska, which have between % and % of their population living in poverty. [8]

Please note that the data for all countries is in the process of being updated. For the most recent data (including 2013 data), download the State of The World's Children 2015 Country Statistical tables [Excel]  and choose a country. You can also download all data tables by thematic area [PDF].

This year’s UN Commission on Social Development concluded this week with the adoption of policies — including the establishment of nationally appropriate social protection systems — to be taken by government and the civil society to help the millions of people living in poverty and those in vulnerable situations.

UNESCO helps, through its development strategies, to create an environment conducive to poverty alleviation - Link to Netaid Website

If all students in low-income countries gained basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty. 

Combined, these factors present an extraordinary challenge to academic and social success. This reality does not mean that success in school or life is impossible. On the contrary, a better understanding of these challenges points to actions educators can take to help their less-advantaged students succeed.

Content should be of high quality and be culturally relevant. A watered-down curriculum is unacceptable. Teachers should be knowledgeable of the cultures in which their students live so they can plan effective and engaging lessons. Additionally, instructional and classroom management techniques that work well with some students don't necessarily work well with poor children. The perspective and experiences of the children need to be considered (Goodwin, 2000). Other aspects that can help close the achievement gap are discussed in the following sections: motivation, readiness and parent/family involvement.

Poverty's effects on the psychological and emotional state of children contribute to both student interest in school and overall happiness. According to a study by the Connecticut Commission for Children, twice as many low-income parents suffer from depression as other parents. Depression in parents is often connected with poor behavior in school and problems developing relationships with classmates. Additionally, percent of parents of low-income children reported behavior problems that lasted longer than three months, a factor that was reported by percent of non-low-income parents in a study published by The Future of Our Children in 1997.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita Purchasing Price Parity (PPP) in US dollars is one of the most common ways to measure a country's wealth or poverty. GDP, which measures the value of the goods and services that a country produces, is divided by the population and adjusted to a unit of US dollars that reflects the same purchasing power (PPP) across countries. It gives a rough dollar figure of wealth per person.

Poverty is the scarcity or the lack of a certain ... Better education for both men and women, and more control of their lives, reduces ...

Poverty eradication must be mainstreamed into the national policies and actions in accordance with the internationally agreed development goals forming part of the broad United Nations Development Agenda, forged at UN conferences and summits in the economic, social and related fields. The Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (2008-2017),  proclaimed by the General Assembly in December 2007 aims at supporting such a broad framework for poverty eradication, emphasizing the need to strengthen the leadership role of the United Nations in promoting international cooperation for development, critical for the eradication of poverty.

The EFA Global Monitoring Report’s  Education Transforms booklet shows that education not only helps individuals escape poverty by developing the skills they need to improve their livelihoods, but also generates productivity gains that fuel economic growth. While growth does not automatically reduce poverty, without it sustained poverty reduction is not possible.

It concluded that low income is a strong predictor of low educational performance and that children from different backgrounds have contrasting experiences at school. Less advantaged children are more likely to feel a lack of control over their learning, and to become reluctant recipients of the taught curriculum. This influences the development of different attitudes to education at primary school that help shape their future.

Poverty and education dissertation

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poverty and education dissertation
poverty and education dissertation

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